Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting Excited for IDEA 2014!

We are in the final stages of preparations for IDEA 2014.  We are very excited about all the new and improved elements to the program.   Among other things, we will be hosting Providence Improv at the IDEA program this year.  They will be presenting on the techniques of improv and how they relate to creativity and innovation.  Then they will be performing an improv musical for us on Monday night, January 20th.   We also have a great design challenge set up for Monday morning (replacing last year's marshmallow challenge), and we have a whole new approach to helping students understand their cognitive style.   Finally, we have partnered with Rhode Island Food Bank to help local families in need. We ask each first-year student to bring five canned goods to the program on Monday, January 20th.   January is an especially important time to help the food bank, as donations tend to drop after the holidays (while the need continues).  

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