Friday, February 1, 2013

Reflections of a First-Year Student

From first-year student John Logan's blog on the Bryant University admissions website:

Honestly, from personal experience, this program was an inspiration for many teachers, visitors, and students (like myself). As a participant, I truly believed I learned much more valuable information compared to an "average" academic classroom setting. To create an innovative, practical design for a real life issue–while only having a few days– far surpasses studying vocabulary words, memorizing information, and reading textbooks in terms of "learning". This unique program has taught me to work with others in a more efficient manner, create innovation for the 21st century, and realize that it's acceptable to have new, but wild visions for the future.... 

...To sum it up, unfortunately, as most people grow, their imaginations begin to dissolve. One of the best things about being young is that we don't let the facts get in the way of our imagination.  For instance, most of us had a vivid imagination when we were young. Now, it's hard for us to even think of a fictional story on the spot as we let society and reality get in the way of our creativity. A factor that separates children from adults is that children aren't trying to get anywhere. As adults, we think too much about the next step, while children use their creativity, and innovation to live for the moment. During the IDEA Program, I felt like a kid again experimenting with new ideas, creating ways the world could be better, and realizing that having an imagination is one the best qualities a human being can ever possess.  For the past three days, I had the ability to time travel to my childhood mind this past week.

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